#WolfSec Announcement: It’s appreciation day!

Help us appreciate an important member of the #WolfSec family as she begins a newer, healthier lifestyle. This post is meant only for extended family, friends and admirers.

#WolfSec is much more than just a page on Facebook. It is a family, and it is time to show some appreciation for family member and #WolfSec admin Kitty Hundal. She has had trouble with breathing for three years, but has been unable to quit smoking. We would like to give her a vaping kit, to help her make the transition to a smoke-free life.

Here is the WolfSec Community Pool https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/839BOMaDbE

Kitty, in case you did not know, is one of those behind the scenes figures that you seldom hear of, and she likes it that way. For years now she has done countless hours of work on campaigns without publicly taking credit. Her work has made a tremendous difference to the success of every campaign she’s been a part of. She is an activist through and through. She works with the most high profile names and causes among us and never brags. She is incredibly supportive and rarely, if ever, has she said no.

I would love for us to be able to prove how much we appreciate her by giving her a dollar or two towards making this important health change. And, as always, sharing is caring. If you know any vape vendors who could use a connection to an influential social media figure, talk to us. We can make that happen.

This is not an #Anonymous ask, campaign or op. This is family, friends and admirers only. There will be full transparency in everything. Transparency, as you may know, is one of the causes closest to Kitty’s heart: Transparency Activism and #EnforcedTransparency.

More on Kitty:
Kitty is also a writer with one finished, and two coming, books on her resume.

Go here for more information: https://steemit.com/projectragnarok/@kittyhundal/project-ragnarok

As well, she writes news articles. Here are a few of her best:






If you should be as impressed with her work as I am, maybe you would like to support her over time. Her Patreon account lets you do just that. I put in 2 dollars every month. Symbolic maybe, but if a few of us do the same it will add up no? https://www.patreon.com/kittyhundal

I know for a fact that the best kind of appreciation among friends is remembering to acknowledge her work whenever you see it pop up. See a thousand tweets in a day on a cause? Well then, go ahead and tell her you are impressed. That, my friends, is worth a lot more than any of the suggestions I have made here.

Lastly. If you would rather give money to a cause, just DM her and ask her what her favorite cause is and send a couple of bucks their way instead.

On behalf of #WolfSec and myself,

Be well, stay safe. I love and appreciate you all.


Get involved!


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