Nah, bro! It’s not just drama, but feel free to hide from it and pretend that it is.”

My name is Ray and I’m an activist/hacktivist with a decade of working to help the persecuted, politically or otherwise, jailed or recently released across the world. I have taken part in campaigns and support activities for people in Saudi Arabia, Russia, Turkey and the UK and the U.S. to name but a few. At this point in my life I have become worried for those of us that does this work. Really worried.

At the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Warsaw protesting the flogging of Raif Badawi.

You have all noticed how laws that we used to think could protect us, protect the act of journalism and truth telling, are now being bent to serve the governments that stopped serving us a long time ago. There is even a phrase coined for it: Lawfare.

Before I get to what that means, let me assure you that this is not another “activist” whining about being targeted. I went into this eyes wide open and getting push back is simply par for the course. I chose this life and I will always be fine with the consequences. I have faced them numerous times working against countries like Bahrain, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. But I have never complained or made a fuzz about it. It rains and I walk out, I get wet. Meh!

As I see lawfare is when the powerful, using their influence or control, abuse laws, break laws, to break opposition. The best example is the travesty that is the terror smear campaign against Julian Assange. Earlier today I listend to a great interview with Nils Melzer on Randy Credico’s podcast.

Listen to Melzer, Lauri Love and John Kiriakou here ‘Assange Countdown to Freedom’ to understand how the powers that be act around us.

In the last couple of weeks, however, events are threatening to make our world even worse. Steven Biss is a defamation lawyer who throws lawsuits at everything that moves. Civil law suits, often in the Eastern District of Virginia. A few days back he subpoenaed 22 Twitter accounts frivolously abusing the discovery process in a suit between Trevor Fitzgibbon and Jesselyn Radack. (Find any way you can to support her.)

A small handful of the accounts in question know each other and have a tenuous, at best, connection to the issues in the mentioned suit. Biss simply threw in accounts, in an effort to d0x or identify, that is his or Devin Nunes’ perceived enemies.

Among them you will find @YourAnonNews, a 1,7 million or so account central to the Anon collective that on any given day gets dozens or more DM’s. Some from people that would be in peril in their home countries if their comms ended up in a public court document. Countries where they arrest and torture people. Let that sink in. Its not an account anyone, especially someone pretending to be a part of the transparency movement, should seek to gain access to. Furthermore, and maybe even more importantly, there are journalists and researchers among the accounts subpoenaed.

To top it off several of the accounts are either active in the leadership of the Pirate movement or active in whistleblower or hacktivist support. It is beyond me how Fitzgibbon can take part in putting all of us, not to mention our sources and whistleblowers at peril, and still get support from some in our midst. Its actually and factually a disgrace of untold proportions.

So, we are getting used to the governments of the world using badly shaped laws to attack us. Chief among them the CFAA and the Espionage Act of 1917. What is new with the subpoena from Biss and Fitzgibbon is that they are trying to break our privacy using a civil suit.

That is the kind of precedence that could really end up in a nightmare kind of situation. We have seen how governments charge journalists at an increasing pace, if civil suits can become a vehicle for the powerful we will all become so timid that opposition to power abuse will become a thing of the past.

I guess, if you have gotten this far, most of you will understand why you have seen me very actively and loudly trying to make sure that Biss and Fitzgibbon never get our DM’s. First they came for… blah blah blah et cetera….

So if you feel like staying well away from what is happening to us, that is your prerogative. Just dont use the excuse that it is just drama. It is so much more than drama. It is in actual fact a road paved with horrendous consequences for all of us. For all of you. So taking part in what is not drama, but a cause, is your duty and to your own benefit. In fact its a virtual kinder egg of a cause. Win, win and win again.

After seeing Trevor Fitzgibbons moves for a couple of years I have no doubt this is one of his fake “Im a whistleblower” — socks.

As a result of my loud voice, opposing the subpoena, I have now become targeted directly, in my own country, for doing so. I’m fine with it. I will use this as the perfect example it is. If they can come at me, frivolously, they can certainly come at way more prominent and actually important individuals. I’m working with half a dozen or more people to get this subpoena quashed, not only for me but for everyone targeted now — and the ones that will be targeted in the future.

If you get someone coming at you like I have been attacked today watch out for them trying to provoke, play the victim and at the same time protect themselves by inserting words like rapist only spelling it like this: r.apist. That is simply to avoid getting flagged and banned by Twitter algorithms. For the especially interested you could look at the thread where the account mentioned above are trying, numerous times, but failing to get me to use the inflammatory words “doxxing” and “hacking”. The only reason for that is so that they can report your tweets and take you out. Pathetic, old as frack and totally translucent in its amateurish execution.

My advise when an account comes at you, replying to a totally innocuous tweet, like in the image to your left you can either concentrate very hard or simply block right away. The last friend of mine taken out, repeatedly, using the exact same methodology was Barrett Brown. (I miss his antics and work dearly but I know he has not even thought about stopping to fight.) If you look at the thread where he accuses me of threatening, hacking and d0xing the only one you will find threatening the other is them. Yes, they are the perfect example of projecting and pulling the victim card after starting a barrage of harassment and ad-hominem attacks.

You come at me, under the disguise of the discovery process or any other way, I come at you. I dont understand what is so hard to get. Step into the ring, and punches will be thrown. Dont invite a fight you intend to whine about.

Anyway, I want you, my peers, brothers and sisters to realize the danger of letting US lawyers reach across the world and actually dox you through civil suits. You will, at some time in the future, either face this same challenge or become silent and totally oppressed.

One of the other birds, 😉, that received the subpoena have been working very hard to oppose it. They have done wonders in all but a few days and I appreciate their efforts more than I can express. If rumors of the dialogue with Twitters lawyers are true they will be opposing the subpoena. In addition the Virginia State Bar has received a complaint about Steven Biss. They will retrieve another quite soon. I promise I will not stop until every legal and practical avenue have been explored. These people need to be reigned in.

Thank you for you time, and remember that if you see or hear me bark its just because someone is coming at me. I never start these things, I finish them.


Post script: I think I just got called a Putin-lover 😄 for the first time in a good while. As a bonus, here are some of my stances on #RussiaGate:

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