Julian Assange Court Dates

It is quite hard to find the correct court dates for Julian Assanges upcoming hearings so here they are. If you want to add others then please contact us including a reference for the assertion. First hand accounts will be preferred.

Court DateReasonLocationReferenceCommentary
13/09/2019Technical hearingWestminster Magistrates Court1
11/10/2019Administrative hearingWestminster Magistrates CourtWorld Socialist Website
21/10/2019Case management hearingWestminster Magistrates CourtWorld Socialist Website1
18/11/2019Mandatory administrative hearingWestminster Magistrates Court1
13/12/2019Mandatory administrative hearingWestminster Magistrates CourtSputnik News1
18/12/2019Deadline for evidenceWestminster Magistrates CourtWikileaks
19/12/2019Case management case (to review the progress of the case, including evidence submitted)Video LinkWikileaks1
20/12/2019Assange giving evidence in Spanish CIA spying caseWestminster Magistrates CourtEl Pais1
(previously 14/01/2019)
Call over hearing – date appears to have been changed but is unconfirmed as the change is only from one source.Westminster Magistrates CourtDEA
(Monika Karbowska, Sputnik News)
23/01/2019Management hearingMonika Karbowska,
Sputnik News
07/02/2020Deadlines for bundle submission by both sidesWestminster Magistrates CourtWikileaks,
11/02/2020Deadline for defense skeleton argumentWestminster Magistrates CourtWikileaks
18/02/2020Deadline for prosecution skeleton argumentWestminster Magistrates CourtWikileaks
19/02/2020Case Management HearingWestminster Magistrates Court@MaryKostakidis
23/02/2020First week of extradition hearing.Sputnik News
25/03/2020Emergency request fro bail due to the Corona Virus outbreak.Westminster Magistrates CourtReuters
07/04/2020Case Management HearingWoolwich Crown Court
18/05/2020Three weeks of extradidtion hearings.Westminster Magistrates CourtSputnik News
25/05/2020Administrative hearingWestminster Magistrates’ Court
29/05/2020Case Management HearingABC
27/06/2020Case Management HearingWestminster Magistrates’ CourtIndependant
31/06/2020Psychiatric reports dueABC
14/08/2020Case Management Hearing@MartySilkHack1
25/07/2020Prosecution’s new skeleton argument to be presented by.ABC, @MartySilkHack
01/08/2020Defense’s skeleton argument due by.ABC, @MartySilkHack
25/08/2020Defense will present skeleton argument@MartySilkHack
02/09/2020Prosecution response to defense argument@MartySilkHack
07/08/2020Start of three-week extradition hearing. ABC
07/09/2020Day 1 – Start of three week extradition hearingOld Bailey@MartySilkHack1
08/08/2020Day 21
09/08/2020Day 31
10/08/2020Day 41
14/08/2020Day 51
15/08/2020Day 61
16/08/2020Day 71
17/08/2020Day 81

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