Episode 1: Season 5 Debut – John Pilger

In the debut program of Season 5 of Assange Countdown To Freedom, legendary filmmaker, author and war correspondent, John Pilger provides insight on the future and fate of the Assange prosecution under a Joe Biden administration. Mr. Pilger also reminds us of the profound and unparalleled importance of the trailblazing WikiLeaks founder’s contribution to the world of journalism.

Pilger recounts the history of the US’ unrelenting and vindictive campaign against the journalism of Julian Assange for his revelations of the government’s criminal activities. He elso exposes the complicity of British prosecutors in the frame up of Assange and the ominous nature of the ongoing show trial.

Mr Pilger also examines Biden’s deplorable multi-decade hawkish record on foreign policy and predicts what we can expect in the future.

Pilger also takes a moment to acknowledge the work of the courageous journalist Robert Fisk on the occasion of his death.


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