Democracy Now! interview with Reality Winner’s mom

Democracy Now! interview with Reality Winner’s mom

Amy Goodman’s in-depth interview with Reality Winner’s mother, Billie Winner-Davis, on Democracy Now! Also featured on the segment was Kevin Gosztola, the managing editor of Shadowproof, who was also in the Augusta, Georgia, courtroom during Reality’s February 27, 2018 hearing.

What I need is for everybody to keep [my daughter Reality] in focus. Say her name. I want everybody to know who Reality Winner is and what is happening to Reality Winner. It’s very, very important that she be remembered and that people not forget what she is going through, the battle that she faces, that she is being silenced, that she is being hidden away, she is locked away. And I really want everybody to remember her name, to speak her name, to talk about her. That’s what I want. –Billie Winner-Davis


I think [Reality Winner] was concerned because she’s a citizen, just like everybody else in this country. And if it looks like our voter registration systems are vulnerable to hacking by Russians or Chinese or Iranians or any other country, that’s something to be concerned about. And I think, you know, one way to tie it to the current news here is, if the government really wants to pursue this logic that Reality Winner can be a target of foreign intelligence because of the way she allegedly mishandled or made this unauthorized disclosure of classified information, then possibly we should have Jared Kushner or Ivanka Trump hauled into a jail cell, just so that they can be isolated and protected, so that they can’t be targeted and manipulated by foreign intelligence. I mean, because that’s really the logic that the government has been using here, is that because of what’s in her head and because she knows and because of the service that she has done for this country, she is someone who is vulnerable to attacks by people. So they not only are upset with her views, but they’re also upset by the fact that she knows secrets, and they lost control of her. –Kevin Gosztola

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