Check if your website is being blocked by filters

Our Blocked project aims to improve transparency about web blocking filters used by mobile phone companies and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Central to this is the Blocked tool, which lets you check to see if yours or any website is being blocked. We’ve used it to unblock thousands of wrongfully censored websites. It’s easy to use, give it a try!

Use our web tool to check your website

See if your websites are being blocked


What’s the problem?

Mobile and broadband Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have created filters to stop under 18s from seeing harmful content online. Unfortunately, filters block many harmless websites by mistake – even sites that are aimed at children! Often website owners don’t know that this is happening.

Around 3.5 million households have filters switched on, through choice, or by default. In addition, many mobile phone users have filters enabled as they are on by default.

We need people to use this tool to check and report sites that shouldn’t be filtered. Not only will you be helping website owners, you will also increase transparency about filters by helping us to get a clearer picture about overblocking.


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