Anonymous Witness Statement in the Fizgibbon/Biss case

This is a statement by an insider from the “Shadow” sphere. Its an anonymous source, seeing as they are afraid of backlash. I would not post it normally but it fits with every single thing we have found during our research so I will do so anyway.

Research summary:


Since the first time I met Trevor he was on disposable sock accounts. Sometimes keeping small ones up because he would forget the password, a liability to having so many. Quietly slipping into peoples DMs as he did to me, coupling himself with Wikileaks to gain trust and support while in reality smearing some of the strongest and most needed supporters like Jesselyn Radack. It wasn’t a personnel issue this was his personal issue and his personal issue alone.

The first thing he would do was offer up text messages a type of revenge porn meant to degrade Jesselyn further he would offer them to anyone and everyone willing to look and with that he would always using the same talking points. “I was targeted” “Gloria Allred” “text messages” “FED” “Assange” all things not true but trigger points to feed the unsuspecting listener’s paranoia.

Trevor’s personal issue merged well with Tanya Biss’ agenda.

Tanya didn’t like Trevor and was well aware of his many Alt accounts but she hated Wikileaks/Jesselyn much more. She saw Wikileaks as controlled opposition and she had plans for her own open source platform.

So Tanya not only allowed Trevor to continue making multiple accounts while her husband publicly denied it but took pleasure in it going so far as saying she wanted Jesselyn eliminated from the public arena. These protections gave Trevor an outlet to harass Jesselyn and advantage to their case if Jesselyn was provoked enough to respond.

It’s been documented that Tanya has paid certain individuals like Defango and Thomas Schoenberger and both individuals seem suspiciously focused on Jesselyn and Trevor’s case either by attacking Jess head on as Defango has in his live streams or trying to infiltrate people they deem Jesselyn’s friends to scrape information to give back to the Biss’ and destroy from the inside-out by creating paranoia as Thomas Schoenberger has done. It’s a multi prong approach.

Trevor continues to uses disposable sock accounts where he comes out to attack Jesselyn then quickly deletes the account once it’s called out and coupled with accounts like @ILLSK1LL who is seemingly focused on certain talking points they go into groups and validate Trevor while smearing Jesselyn.

But more importantly this harms the Wikileaks community in a time of crisis making it about Trevor while isolating Jesselyn using lawfare and lies. It’s meant to isolate Jesselyn. It’s meant to harm her further. It’s meant to silence and eliminate her from the community she has worked so hard to protect. Whistleblowers.

Anonymous source also supplied a few screen shots of emails added here without alteration.

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